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Our Office – a Tour

Our doctors and staff make up the bulk of what our office is – but we are also proud of our physical space and the technology we have – all to give you the most complete eye care experience we can.

Believe it or not, our office started out as a 50 year old farmhouse – with a tremendous view of the Front Range mountains.  officeIn 2000 we purchased the home with the vision of converting it into a unique eye care practice.  After the typical delays of rezoning and construction, in 2002 we moved the practice from our old location on South Boulder Road to our new location on Summit View Drive – and we love it here!

A tour of our office brings you from our front door to our Reception Desk.  13 Reception desk sized textThis is where it all begins (checking in) – and ends (checking out).  Our wonderful (they really are) receptionists will13 Reception room sized text welcome you and begin the process to get you set up to get your eyes examined.  After you check in, you will move to our reception room, which is warm and welcoming and will hopefully only be a part of your visit for a short period of time until you are taken back to begin the exam process.  We have coffee and hot tea available if you’d like.

As you will notice, our office recognizes the beauty and intrigue of the history of eye care.  13 Antique square sized textWe have many displays of antique equipment and eyewear that is fun to see.  Keep your eyes open as you move through the office – there are examples of how things used to be around every corner.

Next, one of our experienced and well-trained (and terrific, we think) ophthalmic technicians will come get you from the reception area and take you back to one of our special testing areas13 OCT room sized text copy, or you may go directly into an examination room.  This depends on the type of visit you are scheduled for.  We have six identical exam rooms which, if you wonder out and are not careful, may make you feel lost as to which room you came from!  Don’t worry, we have placed  some arrows in our carpet to help you find your way out.  As of yet, nobody has been lost longer than a minute or two.13 Exam hallway sized text  The exam rooms themselves are where the bulk of your visit will be spent.13 Exam room1 sized text  We have computers in each room and utilize an electronic health record system.  The equipment is top notch – from computerized eye charts to Nikon biomicroscopes – all to provide the best care possible.

If you are here for a annual or comprehensive eye exam,
16-optos-rm-sized-text your eyes may be analyzed with one or several high tech instruments including an autorefractor  (to give an estimation of your prescription), a corneal topographer (to map the surface and curvature of the front of your eye) and the Optomap (a super cool imaging system that uses laser light to take a picture of your retina – the back of your eye).

13 Old keratometer2 sized textIf you are here for a medical eye evaluation or follow-up, you may have your optic nerves or retina analyzed by our Cirrus OCT imaging system.  This instrument is truly remarkable and revealing in how it allows us to look at the different layers of your eye – especially the optic nerve and macula.  It is sort of like having an MRI of your retina – something that helps us diagnose and follow many types of eye disease.  If indicated, your peripheral vision may need to be evaluated.  We have two different types of visual field testing instruments to make this possible.  We see a lot of glaucoma patients in our practice – just ask any of them – they’ll tell you about the visual field testing fun!

13 CL room1 sized textIf you are a contact lens wearer, or are interested in contact lenses, we have a ton of contact lenses.  From single use daily disposables to astigmatism correcting and multifocal lenses – all the way up to specialized lenses for diseased eyes.  We love contact lenses here and we are especially patient in working with difficult cases.

13 Optical5 sized text Now, we have saved the best for last – a visit to our optical.  After your examination is over, you will be escorted back to the front desk and to the optical department.13 Optical2 sized  Here our certified opticians will help you with any eye glasses needs you may have.  These days, there are so many details that go into a pair of glasses – from the type of frame you select to the type of lens and lens features that are available – that help is needed to guide one through the process.  13 Optical4 sizedDon’t worry, our friendly and experienced opticians will help you through the process.  All of our eye glasses are custom products, no one is the same as another – we will help you love your very own pair – or two!13 Teka frames sized

We hope this tour was helpful for you to see our office and learn about some of the equipment we use to examine eyes.  But remember, as was said earlier, as proud as we are about our physical office and equipment, it is our people that make Front Range Eye Health Center what it is today!